Tuesday, December 30, 2014

my weekly reading with Over the Moon oracle cards 12/28/14

Here's my reading for this week, using my 3-card spread.

Beggar | Jack of Diamonds in the first position relates to some money issues this week which I can already feel. This may relate to my bank balance falling below $25 as seen in a reading from a few weeks ago. I should be alert to this happening again. Depreciation | 5 of Diamonds under this one confirms money dwindling. I have been working on a reduced schedule and it looks like I might need to get my hours up again to prepare for the upcoming months, especially since some of the money-making projects I was expecting to complete have not been completed yet.

Waiting | 2 of Clubs suggests this week I'll be waiting for something, or perhaps just feeling cabin fever from hibernation. I may also be asking, "Should I stay or go?" Forgiveness | 6 of Hearts can relate to receiving help or there may be a need to forgive and forget. Perhaps it's showing receiving an extra boost of cash when I desperately need it.

Looking at the playing card side, things don't look so bad. After all, there are 3 red cards! The numerical theme this week is 6 which shows my energy is geared toward helping and taking care of responsibilities. I may feel a conflict between responsibility and reward however. During a 6 themed-week, I may feel resentful for helping so much or putting in so much effort and not seeing much reward.

POSTSCRIPT 1/9/15: I almost forgot to add something here. The first column showed that I did a little overspending this week, on things I hadn't planned - impulse purchases. Beggar also seems to come up when I'm really concerned about my finances as I was that week. I'm wondering if I will have enough money and projects to last for the next few months. I don't have any good associations to the second column although it did occur to me that it is an apt picture of waiting for the ball to drop on New Year's Eve. Although we were at the movies when this happened, there was considerable talk about waiting for the ball to drop and the New Year festivities we should arrange.

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