Thursday, January 1, 2015

happy new year + interpretation help

Last year, I realized how much I enjoy answering questions. And since the majority of the questions I receive are actually requests for help interpreting a reading, my New Year's resolution is to focus on responding to those requests.

UPDATE: We now have a Study Group right here on the blog. So instead of sending your readings to me for help, please post them in the Practice Readings section of the blog. I may still be able to provide insight but it's also a great way for others to practice their skills as well.

If you have performed a reading and you're confused about the cards that fell and their interpretation, I'll try to provide some insight. Sometimes it's nice to get a fresh pair of eyes on your reading or confirm what you see in the cards. In most instances, I will reach the same conclusion you did.

If you want a second opinion on your 3-card reading, email it to me and, if selected, I'll post my insights here on the blog.

Here's what you need to do:

Do a 3-card spread using a regular playing card deck, or one of my original decks (these will be available for sale real soon!). Here's what each card represents in the 3-card spread:

Card 1 = what's happening or past experience; the setting or environment; the lead character or role
Card 2 = the real issue or primary concern; what's really happening; underlying influences; conflict or problem
Card 3 = outcome or who will control the outcome; the answer to the question; where things are headed

Email your reading to me at Post your reading in the Study Group under Practice Readings. Please include (1) your question exactly as you stated it before shuffling the cards, (2) the 3 cards chosen (a photo would be great!), and (3) your conclusions about the reading. You can also provide background info that you think may be helpful and questions about where you're stumped.

*Keep in mind that I will only be using MY interpretations for the cards. If you read using other systems that's fine. Just know that my perspective may be a little different from yours.*

If your question is chosen, I will post your reading and info submitted along with my insights only on the blog. (If I respond to your study group post, I may still use your reading as a blog post!) I will not contact you directly, so sign up to receive email notifications of new blog posts. I encourage you to add your feedback to the comments section of the blog post that features your question. I will also encourage other readers to share their insights on your reading so hopefully you will receive lots of different perspectives and we can all learn together.

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Blessings for an auspicious new year!


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