Monday, December 22, 2014

my weekly reading with Over the Moon oracle cards 12/22/14

Here are the cards I chose for this week.

This week, Congratulations | 9 of Diamonds in the first position suggests there may be a celebration of some accomplishment. With Division | 2 of Diamonds under it, the congratulations may be given to another person as well. We will have to share the spotlight. However, it just occurred to me that I don't have a card to signify celebrations in general so maybe this is the one we should use. In this light, Congratulations may simply show the holiday celebrations this week.

I don't like the look of  the second column. Deceit | 7 of Spades has been coming up in my personal readings a lot lately. As I mentioned before, I've changed this card to Caution but I haven't gotten it reprinted yet. The deceit or caution is over Hostess | Queen of Clubs. In my playing card system, this Queen can represent "the other woman" so you can see my concern about these two cards appearing together in this layout. In general, the Hostess is a woman who is usually a friend to the questioner. She represents a single woman who is friendly and fun.

If we look at the playing card side, we can see that this Queen is also patient and persistent (she's facing a Diamonds card). If this is "the other woman" it shows she will be patient and persistent in getting what she wants.

Let's look at the numerical theme: 9 + 7 + 2 + 12 (Queen) = 30 = 3 + 0 = 3. This is a great numerical theme to get. It reflects a time of increase and expansion, particularly in terms of social connections. In light of this theme, the Queen may show up this week as a friend or new acquaintance.

POSTSCRIPT 12/30/14: At first, most of this did not make sense last week, although I could feel the 3 energy and did come into contact with more people as well as met someone new. It's only today that I'm understanding some of the energy of the Congratulations, Deceit and Division cards. I had to quickly complete a deliverable last week and had to pat myself on the back that I was able to finish it in only 3 days still suffering with remnants of the flu (Congratulations). I'm just now discovering that there is another training company involved in this project and that I will have to work with them in some way (Division). The project manager who contracted with me didn't mention them or their involvement in this project (Deceit or Hidden). 

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