Monday, December 22, 2014

JOURNAL: winter solstice/new moon reading

Little Red Tarot shared a wonderful Winter Solstice/New Moon Tarot Spread. The winter solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the sun is at its lowest arc in the sky, resulting in a long, dark night. Symbolically, this is a time of rebirth and renewal.

Here are the cards I chose.

Where you stand - you, now, and the energy around you

My first thought when I saw Commitment | 4 of Hearts was of the committed relationship I'm in and how unusual it is to (1) be in a relationship with anyone, and (2) really FEEL committed to someone. Commitment is difficult for me - yes, I'm usually the one who is running away from it. But I'm trying to make different choices now. Seeing this card confirms that I am indeed making different choices and this feels like a very positive stage of my growth. It also shows that I'm becoming more comfortable with living a life filled with routine.

Something to leave behind - you won't be needing this anymore.

This seems to be the opposite of the first card. The Troublemaker | Jack of Spades might be running away from a commitment. He is certainly running away from the responsibility of something. This is another pattern I know all too well. Sometimes it's easier to start over than the deal with the drudgery and details of some boring responsibility.

Something to receive - look for the opportunity to accept this gift from outside yourself - another person, the Universe...

Perhaps Owner | King of Diamonds relates to business ownership here. I already have a lot of independent contractor projects but I don't run any of them like a real business. Maybe it's time. This King also represents power, leadership, and wisdom to me so these are all great things to receive as well.

Something to learn - the past lunar month or year has taught you this.

Seeing Friendship | 3 of Hearts here was so sweet. I have a very hard time making real friends. I am shy and usually have my guard up. Plus, I'm pretty picky about who I associate with so my friends circle is small. But this year I'm realizing that I've met some pretty wonderful friends since moving to this small Southern city.

Something to give - offer this to the world as you go.

The image for Fantasy | 7 of Hearts was chosen so that it could also represent psychic ability, divination, and all things woo woo and this is the interpretation I would use here. Perhaps I have more to offer in the way of my divination expertise.

Your hopes and dreams - the spirit in which you are stepping forward into the next phase.

I think Mother | Queen of Diamonds shows that I'm finally embracing the energy of mothering, taking on the responsibility of nurturing myself and others.

Your secret special skill - a resource to help you on your journey.

Again, from a relationship perspective, Sweetheart | Queen of Hearts is showing the skill needed to be in a committed relationship. But this Queen is much deeper than that. She has a real appreciation for all living things, she knows how to commune with life and not take any day for granted. Her peace and inner joy doesn't come from material possessions but from simply embracing life and all of its gifts.

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