Tuesday, September 13, 2016

how does your garden grow...a reading with multiple decks

I can't get enough of spreads. And on Instagram there's a #newspreadsaturday challenge where you can find original spreads the first Saturday of every month. One of my favorite contributors is Steve Seinberg (@arrowinflight) who comes up with the most original spreads. Here's one of them.

1 = Gardener. What's your style as a cultivator? Are you a warrior, and your garden a battleground? Are you a sweet, nurturing type? A mystic? Selfless...or selfish? What kind of a gardener are you?

2 = Garden. What are you growing? Foodstuffs for sustenance? Flowers for beauty? Is it an inanimate collection, like a rock garden, cultivated for meditative purposes? Or do you garden just for the sake of the activity itself?

3 = Green Thumb. What are you naturally great at cultivating?

4 = Black Thumb. What do you tend to fail at when cultivating?

5 = Weeds. What tends to show up unbidden, and to feed on your efforts when you're trying to cultivate something else?

6 = Pests. Who or what steals away the fruits of your gardening labors when you're not watchful enough?

Here's my reading. I'm using a mix of my tarot and oracle cards because I find that different decks are best at answering different questions and also because it's just fun.

Gardener = The Moon (The Animal Tarot). I'm a mystic gardener. I garden in darkness under a full moon. This symbolizes my introverted nature and desire to look under rocks and darker places of life.

Garden = Ace of Swords (Tarot Everywhere). I'm growing sharp and pointy things. I'm a natural cynic and this card always suggests a sharp wit that can turn critical quickly. On the positive side, I'm growing clarity in states of confusion. This corresponds with the first card in that I like shadow work and anything that brings greater clarity to the soul.

Green Thumb = BE LOVABLE (Oracle Everywhere). Wow! I didn't think being lovable was something I was naturally great at, but I've been working on it!

Black Thumb = WORK HARD(ER) (Oracle Everywhere). Okay, I knew this. I detest working or anything with the word work in it like "workout." I'm trying to find ways to work smarter and not harder.

Weeds = 10 of Pentacles (Tarot Everywhere). The first thing I notice here is lemons, sourness, feeling like life keeps throwing these at me. But there's only one thing to do with lemons...make lemonade.

Pests = 6 of Pentacles (Tarot Everywhere). The 6 of Pentacles represents a generous personality and someone who is very open to sharing with others. It steals away the sharp and pointy things I'm growing. Visually, it looks as if someone is offering the Ace of Swords an ice cream cone as if to say "lighten up." The 6 of Pentacles energy is a healthy counterbalance to my laser-focused critical mind.

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