Thursday, September 22, 2016

tarot blog hop: autumn, haiku & tarot

Guess what?! I'm in another blog hop! This one is hosted by Sharron @gypsyarts on Instagram! We're making connections between tarot and the season of Autumn.

I've been exploring the symbolism of the seasons as I work with a new oracle deck creation, the Haiku Oracle. It's a deck that delivers readings in the form of divinatory poems based on the translated haiku of haiku master, Matsuo Basho. Each card contains part of a full haiku. When you combine the cards together in different ways or choose them randomly, you create a unique poem that reflects your current outlook and situation.

Haiku traditionally reference a season and seasons have specific symbols and moods. For instance, summer haiku includes symbols such as melons, coolness, and heat. Haiku referencing summer typically conveys a mood of play, laziness, enjoyment and laughter.

Autumn haiku, on the other hand, symbolically relates to letting go, endings, and passing time. This is seen in symbols such as falling leaves, cold night, sea, fog, and animal symbols like the owl and cicada. As a creative exercise, I chose cards from the Haiku Oracle face up to create a few Autumn-based poems.

Next, I wondered if I could find tarot cards to match the poems I created. I looked through my Tarot Everywhere deck to find cards that seemed to match or resonate with the poem.

Actually, I think this is a great exercise to try with any haiku or poetry. Find a poem or haiku and then go through your tarot deck face up to locate a tarot card that matches its mood or symbols.

You may get clarity or new insights on a few cards too. For instance, I hadn't associated the mood of boredom with this Page of Pentacles card until I decided to pair it with this poem.

This experiment provided a unique way to use the Haiku Oracle AND look at tarot in a new way!

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The Autumn Equinox marks the balance between light and dark and is also known as Mabon by Pagans and Wiccans. To celebrate Autumn, several of us have banded together to support YOUR Equinox Journey, offering tarot and oracle card spreads; information on how to work with the Colours of Autumn; tips on working with your Inner Cauldron; new additions for your Art Journal; creative writing tips; working with Lilith; the journey of Persephone, Demeter and Hades, and much much more. To read the next article in the Fall Tarot Blog Hop, "click here."


  1. What a fab post! I love the idea of using haiku to deepen with the cards, to find new ways of experiencing them. And your oracle is really inspired.

    1. Thanks so much Rose! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and this way of connecting with cards!

  2. This is great! I'll try this exercise for sure. ❤️