Monday, January 11, 2016

new and improved Life Path available

I originally wrote about creating a personal Life Path Cards deck in my first DIY Oracle blog post.

Since then, I've been re-working the deck with completely different images to make it available for sale to the public. Life Path Cards are uniquely designed for meditation and divination. Each card features a path that metaphorically represents your life path. For the last several months, I've been posting images on Instagram to gauge reactions. In one post, I asked some of my Instagram friends to comment on how they might use the deck.

So glad you guys like this deck so much. I really had no idea it would get this much attention. For those of you who are thinking of purchasing it, how would you use it? Personal readings? With clients? Any ideas?

Here are the responses...
  • I would definitely use it for client readings. When I see the cards, I am already thinking up interpretations to relay for readings.
  • I would definitely use it for both personal and client readings too! I love really strong visuals that are easy to read and weave into a story, and all of your decks are fantastic for that!
  • I would use it for personal! But one day... I'd also be intrigued to use them alongside tarot and oracle! 😁
  • I only do personal readings for the most part. I'm planning on drawing a life path card to supplement a tarot card reading sometimes. They also will probably serve me well when using cards as creative writing prompts.
I was really pleased to receive this feedback, and surprised about seeing how people would use the deck for readings. When I first came up with the deck concept, I thought of it only as a meditation and facilitation tool. As a facilitator, you would use the deck to ask your client questions about the path instead of doing the readings for them. However, now I'm starting to see the deck's potential for more traditional readings. 

I also think they would be a great addition to tarot and oracle readings. I have used them with other decks in one reading. In fact, I've done a vision board reading with the Life Path Card in the center to help the seeker focus on the path to their goal. 

And finally, the creative writing idea is a great one. I can see pulling a Life Path Card as a prompt for a story setting. 

The deck is 54 large size cards (3.5" x 5.75"). You will be able to preview all of the cards in the deck when you click the link below.

Purchase Life Path Cards

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