Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Spread: why is this happening to me?

Are you stuck in a negative pattern that you can't seem to shake loose? Are you seeking clarity to understand a difficult situation? Before you throw yourself a pity party, get ready for some real talk with the Why Is This Happening To Me? spread. It helps you comprehend what's really going on and understand your role in this dilemma.

Card 1 = What you think is happening. This card shows your perception of what's going on.

Card 2 = Underlying beliefs. What do you really believe about this situation? Since action follows thought, it's important to see how your beliefs may be directing this drama.

Card 3 = What's actually happening. This card reveals the truth of what's going on, often in contrast to what you think is happening.

Card 4 = Contributing factors. This card examines other factors contributing to the problem. It can also pinpoint your role in the issue. It may reveal an action or mindset that is contributing to the problem and keeping you in a cycle of confusion.

Card 5 = Your expectations. This shows the expectations (positive or negative) that you hold related to this issue. There is usually a strong connection between this card and the underlying beliefs.

Card 6 = What is needed for greater clarity. Contrast this card with  the contributing factors. It shows a skill needed to see the situation more clearly.

Card 7 = Overall guidance.  This card shows the best way to proceed.


Financially, I’m not where I want to be. Why can’t I be more prosperous?

What you think is happening: 2 of Swords

A girl’s eyes are closed and there is a bandage covering her mouth. She doesn’t want to see the truth and she’s not allowed to speak. She throws her hands up in the air as if her situation is completely out of her control. Based on this card, you may believe that your prosperity is not in your control, that fate is somehow controlling your financial destiny and circumstances are keeping you stuck.

Underlying beliefs: Ace of Swords

An alien has a question. He has come from another planet so he feels very insecure about his place in this world. He’s asking, “Will I fit in? Will I be accepted?” Are you trying to find your place in the world? Do you believe that when you shore up your finances you will finally find that place? Perhaps you are exactly where you should be financially but not where you believe society expects you to be at this point in your life.

What’s really happening: King of Coins

This card presents a contrast to the first one. In the first card, you thought you were helpless. But the truth of the matter is that you are a king of finances. That’s what the King of Coins represents. He has mastery over money and his prosperity. This means that you have control over the direction of your financial future. It’s not up to fate - it’s up to you! This King wears glasses to show he sees things clearly. He’s sensible and has a realistic outlook on life. These are key ingredients to managing your finances. You probably share these same traits. This King may not be wealthy but he is content with where he is financially.

Contributing factors: Queen of Coins

This card shows what might be contributing to the problem. This Queen is the motherly type. She’s always giving, caring, and nurturing others. She shows you have a very generous nature. But perhaps your generosity exceeds your wallet. It’s not wise to share more than you can spare. This Queen also appears when there is a need to take better care of yourself. How can you view your financial situation in a way that is more self-supporting?

Your expectations: 5 of Swords

The first thing I noticed about this card is this guy is pointing at you. He seems to be chastising, saying something like, “You should do it this way!” Do you feel like this is how other people are looking at you? He seems really angry. Are you angry at yourself or do you think others will be angry at you if you don’t change your financial path? Do you believe that others will hold you to blame for not being financially prosperous? Is there someone in your life who is judging you? This card suggests you are expecting judgement about this.

What is needed for greater clarity? 3 of Coins

Another Coins card, this one shows an excited girl reading a book. This suggests you need to look at this issue more closely and perhaps with the innocence of a child. Let’s look at how this card differs from some of the others in the reading. First, this girl’s eyes are wide open, unlike the girl in the first card, who refuses to see what’s really going on. Also, instead of throwing her hands up in the air, this girl has her hands on a book. She’s actively trying to find a solution or more knowledge to help herself. This card also contrasts the Ace of Swords’ alien. In that card, he was asking a question. This girl is finding answers. Likewise, if this is something you think is a real problem, why not get more information or knowledge on how to prosper and manage your finances.

Overall guidance: World

A beauty queen has been crowned. She’s already won and is now basking in the glory of it. Like the King, she wears a crown because she’s attained mastery. As a guidance card, this one suggests there is no guidance needed, really. You’ve got it all. You just may not recognize it because your eyes are closed (2 of Swords).

All of the cards in this reading are Coins or Swords. This combination usually suggests financial worries. If we examine the reading closer, we can see that all of the problem cards (Swords) are in the position of thoughts and attitude rather than reality.

This reading suggests that you don’t have any problems with prosperity - you just think you do. What’s holding you back are your beliefs that you’re not in control of your financial situation and the expectation that others will judge you. You may also believe that you SHOULD be at a specific place financially so that you can be accepted by others or society in general.

The King of Coins and the World cards show that, contrary to what you believe, you have gained mastery over your finances. 

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