Thursday, April 30, 2015

Study Group: Will this date bring romantic opportunity?

How would you respond to this woman? She's going on a coffee date and wants to know if it will lead to romance. Consider the numerical theme, and doubles. What is the situation? What do you think the 4 of Diamonds reveals as an underlying influence? How would you interpret the Queen of Hearts in the outcome position?

This was a great reading presented by one of my students.

Usually in my comments to students, I go through the reading from my perspective. Sometimes there are questions that I would ask or things I might notice that the student may not have noticed.

The first thing I noticed was the double 4s, which the student noticed as well. Double 4s in my system relates to illness. Since the 4 of Spades also relates to order disrupted or a breakdown, I wondered if there was an illness in this woman's past that kept her from dating for a while. As the 4 of Spades begins the spread, it suggests there is something that needs to be transformed before she is ready to move forward. Order disrupted could also mean that she doesn't usually date and her normal routine is being disrupted.

The 4 of Diamonds is the card of unfulfilled desires and in the 2nd position it shows that she is seeking to find something that's missing in her life. When this card appears, it means you never feel you have enough (time, energy, money, love).

The Queen of Hearts may show a future role she will play in this relationship. This shows her being the Queen of someone's heart so it's very positive in this position. Had this card showed up in the 2nd position, we might assume this guy already had a Queen at home. The numerical theme is 2 (4 + 4 + 12(3) = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2) which shows that her vibration is geared toward cooperation and sharing so she's very open to partnership right now.

The student provided this follow up to the reading: The client is now dating the very man she was asking about. You were dead on about her as she had a knee replacement and broke her arm and had four surgeries in the last year. 

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