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Spread of the Month: Getting What You Want

Getting What You Want Spread

This spread helps you figure out the steps to get what you want. Before you begin this reading, it's important to have a specific goal in mind. The reading will help you to see the various choices, underlying influences and advice to follow in order to reach your goal.

Card 1 = Ideal. This card symbolizes what you hope to accomplish and what you truly want.
A Spades card here reveals what you don't want. It also shows you may be too focused on what you don't want rather than your goal. What we think about, we attract to us, so try to focus on what you want rather than what you don't want. A face card here might show a role you wish to play.

Cards 2 & 3 = Choice of action. These two cards generally show opposing choices that are available to you. Each choice may help you to reach your ideal but in different ways. Contrasting the suits and numbers will help you identify the different themes of your choices. Look at face cards here as roles or they might reveal that a person plays a significant role in your choice.

Card 4 = Underlying influences. This card reveals the main issue that lies just beneath the surface. It may show the reasons why your goal is important or people that are influencing your decision.

Card 5 = No. This card shows what you should say "no" to regarding this situation. You are being advised against the actions of this card. If it is a face card, you are being told not to take this person's advice or direction.

Card 6 = Yes. This card shows what you should say "yes" to regarding this situation. You are being advised to take the opportunity or actions represented by this card. If it is a face card, you are being told to heed this person's advice or accept their help.

Card 7 = Outcome. This card reveals the most likely outcome you can expect on your current path.

How to Perform the Reading

Cards: Use all the cards in the deck.

Focus question: How can I get ___________________________? Fill in the blank with whatever you want.

Process: Shuffle the cards and choose one card for each position of the spread. Select cards in the order shown above.

Bill wants a new job and has a few leads. Two leads are for campus director positions at schools in different locations in the state. The director position will be a step up from his current position and will look great on his resume. He asks, "How can I get the campus director job?

I'm using my Over the Moon Oracle Cards for this reading. When I use this deck, I read primarily from the oracle side and its visual cues, and use the playing card side for additional insights.

What an interesting spread! The first 3 cards are black, the second three are red and the outcome card is a Joker. This suggests the goal has just as many obstacles to achieving it as it may have rewards. There may also be a surprise outcome or one that puts you into a brand new state of mind. There is a two of a kind with the number 2 showing a choice is necessary. The numerical theme is 5 so there may be conflicts with others as you assert your need for freedom and independence. The 5 theme also relates to breaking free from convention and the status quo.


Here we have a Spades card in the Ideal spot. It usually shows what you don't want and suggests that this is your focus. Separation | 2 of Spades reveals there may be a separation from someone if you follow your goal and you are trying to avoid this. By focusing on this dilemma rather than focusing on your goal, you may be attracting more job opportunities that keep the two of you apart. (Bill confirmed that he had a girlfriend he didn't want to leave behind).

Choice of action

These two cards represent a choice between two different situations or actions.  Delay | 4 of Spades shows that one job lead may bring delays and disappointment. In the card, we see a little boy who has brought his toys outside to play. However, it's raining and he can't enjoy the day. Likewise, one of the job leads may be disappointing and not what you expected.

Interference | 3 of Spades reveals that with the other lead, there is interference. On a positive note, there can be someone who is acting as a matchmaker, connecting you with this second lead, like a head hunting company. In the image, an older woman seems to be making an introduction to a young boy. The boy doesn't look excited about this introduction, however. Or maybe he just needs time to warm up to the little girl. Your matchmaker may believe this job is the perfect fit for you but it may not look as promising as you hope.

Unfortunately, since each choice is represented by Spades cards, both seem to bring their share of problems.

Underlying influences

Division | 2 of Diamonds is another two showing that choices and partnerships are key to getting what you want.  This card typically relates to dividing your time and energy between two things as happens when one has to moonlight, doing two jobs at once. It can also show that something will be cut in half like a salary. This card seems to bring up the separation issue again shown in the Ideal. Visually, we can also see a potential power play or power struggle.


Say NO to a decrease. This most likely represents saying no to a decrease in pay, benefits or other resources or perks.  This means that if you are offered a position that seems to be a decrease in any of these perks, this is not the correct choice for you at this time. Decrease | 5 of Diamonds also shows something that depreciates in value so it's important to consider this in light of your job search. Ask yourself if the campus director position will be more work than the reward you receive and if it will really lead you to bigger and better things in the long term. Bill later confirmed that he was made an offer for one of the campus director positions that was lower than his current salary and at a school where he would be lacking the support staff to do his work effectively. He was also concerned that since the school was much smaller than his current location that it would be a step backward instead of a step forward.


As a YES card, Fantasy | 7 of Hearts advises you to pursue your wildest dreams. What is your fantasy job? What do you dream of doing? Your answer may lie beyond either one of the campus director jobs. If we look back at the numerical theme, we can see the 5 energy here. It's about breaking free from the status quo and the traditional mindset. It shows a need to think outside of the box.


New Outlook | Little Joker shows that if you continue on this path, the outcome will be a new outlook and probably a job that you least expect. A Joker in this position brings all sorts of unexpected surprises. In this image, a young boy looks out of a window. He seems a bit surprised by what he sees. Like him, you may be surprised (hopefully pleasantly) by what you will be seeing in the near future. I also get the impression that this translates to a new opportunity opening up to you soon, possibly in a totally different location or even out of state.

Did you try this reading? Let me know how it turned out!

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