Friday, February 27, 2015

a polyamory spread + sample reading

Beth at Little Red Tarot shared her wonderful polyamoury tarot spread and I'm passing it on. I'll admit the polyamory concept is new to me but I keep running into it in love/relationship questions of late. If you're still in the dark, polyamory is openly having multiple or simultaneous loving or sexual relationships. 
Polyamory can take many forms, from multiple people all living together and sharing day-to-day life together. Or it could be an individual who is dating multiple people with no intention of settling down with any one. Or it could be a primary couple who each have other relationships, together or separately. Or perhaps it's an interconnected network of people who are involved with each other.

Beth gives two different versions of this spread. The one I'm choosing is Version 1, which is great for anyone, including those who aren't in polyamorous relationships. It shows what you bring to and also need from the relationship. And the focus question she poses is powerful:

How can I make sure I'm the best person I can be within my relationship(s)?


I'm using my Over the Moon Oracle Cards (non-captioned version) for this one. Above you'll see the general layout. Check out the spread in Beth's post to see the card positions. I'll be going through each section to explain the cards chosen.

Who you are in this relationship

The two  center cards show who you are in this relationship. The upright card is you and the crossing card represents a challenge at this time. The Commitment | 4 of Hearts card shows you are settled and happy in this relationship but the Effort | 10 of Clubs card shows you may be carrying a lot of responsibilities. You may even be asking, Is this relationship worth the effort?

Your special skills

These 3 cards represent personal qualities you're bringing into the relationship. The center card, Communication | 3 of Clubs, shows you are a great communicator and willing to talk things out. Completion | 9 of Clubs shows that you know how to bring things to a close and won't keep rehashing problems in the relationship. Resentment | 6 of Spades shows a special skill of service, however, it also shows how resentment can build up over a period of time from being dutiful and trying to be of service when you don't feel like you're getting back what you're putting into the relationship.

A potential issue, and possible solution

The upright card Rivalry | 5 of Clubs represents the potential issue. The possible solution Status | 8 of Diamonds is adjacent. This shows a potential issue of rivalry and comparison. The solution is to spend a little time alone (perhaps enjoying some needlepoint or your favorite hobby) and take stock of all the good things the relationship has brought into your life.

A potential issue, and possible solution

This is a second potential issue and solution. In Conflict | 5 of Spades, we see anger building up at someone who seems unaware of our feelings. The solution is shown by the Desire | 8 of Hearts cards. Again, going off by yourself (perhaps to watch the gentle waves of the ocean), may help to bring peace.

It's significant that the potential issues are represented by fives and the solutions are represented by eights. Fives show that the potential issues are about conflict due to a need for freedom and independence. When conflict begins to brew, know that this is a signal that you need a time out from the relationship and time alone to regroup. Eight deals with goal-setting and getting what you want. As the solution, it suggests that in response to conflict you need to focus on what you have and what you want from the relationship. Is it meeting your needs and desires? How can you be more fulfilled?

Your safe place (a place where you can retreat that's just yours)

Here we see another five, Fun | 5 of Hearts. Instead of showing anger and jealousy as the other fives demonstrated, this card shows that fun and playfulness is your safe place. When you need to take a break from the relationship, go outside and run around with your dog, or play a game with friends. This will help you let off some steam and find yourself again.

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