Friday, February 13, 2015

who will be my valentine ~ a sample reading with The Simple Lenormand

Did I mention I LOVE all the spreads on Lisa Frideborg's Love Dove Tarot website? This wonderful spread, Who Will Be My Valentine?, is for anyone who is looking for love on Valentine's Day and beyond.

I'm using The Simple Lenormand to do this reading and I think it will work well with any Lenormand deck or other oracle deck for that matter. The reason I'm using my Lennie deck is because most of the reading is describing your soulmate and, with their singular symbols, Lennies are great for providing descriptions.


Card 1: Describes his/her soul essence

Lisa says this position reflects the energy before incarnation in this lifetime and it will be expressed in deep and mysterious ways, propelling the person forward to the lessons their soul needs to grow. This typically corresponds to a combination of the energy of his ascendant and Moon signs.

Clouds here shows an Aquarian rising sign (the Water Bearer) or perhaps a Water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio). This soul is concerned with the emotional aspects of life and learning ways to move through tears and disappointment toward a brighter future (Sun in position 3).

Card 2: Describes his/her personality

Anchor reflects a dependable, stable person, very grounded and rooted. This person prefers predictability to spontaneity.

Card 3: His/her romantic style

Sun shows a positive, sunny disposition and romantic style. This person is up front about everything. Everything is out in the open, no secrets. 

Card 4: What is occupying him/her right now

Papers shows he's occupied with some type of documents or forms.

Card 5:  How he/she will come into your life

Coffin shows this person will come into your life through an ending of some kind. 

Card 6: Long-term potential

Road shows a good long-term potential with this person. Unlike Crossroads in the traditional Lenormand, Road is about the future and new directions. This shows a potential future with this person.

Other cards showing strong long-term potential would be Anchor, Rings, Love, House, and Tree.

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  1. I like these cards. Do you have a set for sale? Are you going to do a course with them? Read

    1. Good to see you here Read! Glad you like The Simple Lenormand cards.

      Yes, they are available for sale in my PrinterStudio shopspace. They are $13.49 for poker size or $6.59 for mini. Just click on the SHOP NOW tab at the top of the blog.

      Also, you can see other readings with this deck if you search by oracle deck. You can also look under the tab MY ORACLE DECKS to see a video introduction to the deck. I'm also working on another video on reading the directional cues with this deck but I don't have any plans right now for a course.