Sunday, December 14, 2014

my weekly reading with Over the Moon oracle cards 12/14/14

Just scanning the cards, it looks like a rough week. Interference, Official and Beggar relate to the influence of several other people: someone who interferes or acts as a third wheel; an authority figure or emotionally distant man; and someone in need. Official can represent stubbornness and someone who is a know-it-all. Beggar may not always show someone who is asking for money but it can reflect that money doesn't come easily for them or this card may appear in a reading concerning one's financial status. Status shows a pleasant scene of a young woman enjoying the good life but this card can also show a change of status and, over Beggar, perhaps my financial status will change this week and I may be in need of some extra cash.

If we turn the cards over we see this layout on the playing card side. The numerical theme 3 + 8 + 13 (King) + 11 (Jack) = 35 = 3 + 5 = 8. An eight numerical theme shows that what motivates me this week is money, property, career, and putting goals into action. However, the combination of Diamonds-Spades reflects several themes working against that energy: financial trouble, extremely slow progress, delays, debts, and disputes over money.

Finally, we see a dynamic using the directional cues between the two face cards, the King of Spades and the Jack of Diamonds. These cards may show the influence of two people in my life this week. The first (King of Spades) is a man who may be emotionally distant who has a patient and persistent outlook. The second is a person who is in need with an unhappy and pessimistic outlook. When face cards face each other side by side this shows confrontation, rivalry and a heated conversation. There is the (strong) possibility that I'm represented by the Jack in this reading, especially since I have already had a taste of this conflict.

We'll see what the week brings...

POSTSCRIPT 12/20/14:
Well, the only part of the reading I understand is the Status over Beggar column. This week I received notices that two different bank account balances had fallen below $25 (Beggar). However, I had plenty to cover it in my savings and was expecting payment from some work so I didn't sweat it (Status).

Luckily, I was not aware of the influence of the Interference card nor did a heated conversation happen. The entire week I was sick with the flu. It's interesting that it didn't show up in the cards because it really took over everything this week.

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