Thursday, December 4, 2014

JOURNAL: what's my next step with the cards?

I firmly believe that each deck of cards has its own personality and it's own interpretations, even if there are keywords on each card. When I get a new deck, I spend considerable time doing readings, sometimes just for myself and sometimes for others too. Should I jump onto some forums to share readings, or just focus on quiet study?

Let's see what comes out of a reading.

Here's what I got:

 Do This

NOT This

Security | Ace of Diamonds reflects quiet study, so that's my answer. But what to make of Depreciation | 5 of Diamonds? This card relates to things being eaten away. It's a Diamonds card and typically suggests dwindling finances, gambling away money and bad credit. When this card appears, you may be spending more time, money and energy than you can afford....BINGO! In this case, this card warns not to go overboard connecting with this new deck. After all, I have plenty of other projects I need to attend to. I also need to watch my spending -- my intention is to purchase a few more prototypes as I see some changes I want to make with the deck.

I wasn't expecting the Conversation | 3 of Clubs card to pop out while shuffling. These are called "jumpers" because they jump out of the deck unexpectedly. Conversation gives me the impression that I need to be sharing this info with others or spreading the word. Well, I have this blog and my Instagram and Twitter accounts so they will be my main focus.

Do you use a quick advice spread like DO This, NOT This? 
Share it in the comments...always on the lookout for new spreads!

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