Saturday, December 13, 2014

JOURNAL: Shedding, Growing, Transforming

I was inspired to do an oracle reading using the prompt shedding, growing and transforming from Shaheen Miro's blog post by the same name. Shedding is about letting go of something while growth is movement in the opposite direction, embracing a new direction. The combination of shedding and growing ultimately creates a transformation of some kind. Let's see...

What am I shedding as the year comes to a close?

Beginning | Ace of Clubs shows I'm shedding or letting go of the energy of newness and beginnings. I guess this goes without saying since we're at the close of the year but to me this card signifies a restless energy that comes when I'm starting a new project, like this blog. I'm full of enthusiasm and drive, waking up early to get things done, and burning the midnight oil. Perhaps some of this excess energy will soon drain away and I will get a good night's sleep.

What is growing in my life?

In Forgiveness | 6 of Hearts, I used this image to represent forgiveness and peace, the act of charity, and learning to share and give selflessly.

The first two cards represent a contrast - the first card represents letting go and the second card is about embracing. When cards represent contrasts, it's important to see how they differ. You can see this sometimes by looking at the characters and explaining how their actions are different. In the Beginning card, the boy impatiently waits for daybreak. In Forgiveness, the girl reaches out her hands to accept a divine gift.  

I'm moving from impatiently waiting for things to happen to reaching out for what I need and deserve.

What will this transformation look like?

I've recently changed this card's keyword to CAUTION instead of DECEIT. It reflects a need for caution because you're lacking the clarity to see the truth clearly. But since Deceit is the card I shuffled, I have to see it from this perspective as well.

A wealthy woman would like to buy the boy's horse and wants to test ride it first. She has her riding crop out but she hides a whip behind her back. She intends to whip the horse into her submission. This card shows that two people may appear to have the same goals but their intentions are very different.

What's interesting is that last week I was doing a series of readings about my 6-month relationship and this card kept appearing. With it showing up here again, it gives me the impression that this energy is inevitable. Perhaps this transformation will come through the experience of this relationship. I'll have to wait and see how it manifests.

How can I prepare for this transformation?

Leisure | 9 of Hearts shows me I must stay calm. This card can also represent activities such as meditation, contemplation, being still, detachment, and focus.

The numerical theme is 1(Ace) + 6 + 7 + 9 = 23 = 2 + 3 = 5. I received this same theme in my last journal reading. The five theme brings a time of conflict with others and at the root of the conflict is the struggle between pleasing yourself vs. pleasing others. In light of this theme, Leisure also suggests asserting my independence and freedom.

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