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Have you heard of It's a relatively new platform that allows people to support artists and other creative types on an ongoing basis. Unlike Kickstarter, where you're funding a specific project, funds creatives on a monthly or per project basis. I've just set up my Patreon page. You can check it out HERE.

Why Patreon?
One of the reasons I was interested in Patreon is because I've been looking for a place to put ALL of my stuff. I've got a newsletter where I share my updates on new decks available for sale. I have a freebies folder where I put my downloadable LWBs (brief guide to decks I create). I share my personal readings and tarot challenges on one Instagram account and weekly free readings on another Instagram account. I've written many divination and symbolism articles, tutorials, and ebooks that are just sitting in my computer. My interest and training in symbolism also expands beyond divination into feng shui, handwriting analysis, spiritual aromatherapy, toe reading, crystals, dowsing -- I find myself answering questions about these topics on a regular basis. Here's a week's worth of questions:
  • The number 21 has been trying to get my attention. What does it mean?
  • What do purple orbs mean?
  • I had a dream about spiders. What's that about?
  • What's the best essential oil for ________________?
  • How do I space clear my house real quick?
  • What gemstone/crystal should I buy for my throat chakra?
  • Why can't I sleep?
  • Should I hire this person? Look at their handwriting for me.
My initial thought was to create an online academy and condense much of my accumulated work into mini-courses. But then I'd just be creating another platform where I could only share a limited amount of information in one format. With Patreon, I can share everything in one place.

How does it work?
Patreon is a platform for recurring funding for creators. You make a monthly donation to the creator to support their work. Your payment is set up as a recurring subscription which you can always change or cancel.

What now?
Make a pledge of $1 or more a month to become more involved in my creative alchemy and support my efforts. With each pledge level, you'll gain additional rewards.

Can you pledge a one-time donation?
Unfortunately, no, Patreon isn't set up like that. However, they're cool with this option:

If you'd only like to support a creator on Patreon for one month, simply delete your pledge after the first of the month, when we process pledges to creators.

Sample Posts
I've set up pledge levels based on tarot archetypes. When you pledge for $1/month, you'll be rewarded with sneak previews of up and coming decks. Plus you'll have the opportunity to become one of my beta testers for readings with new decks. Here are examples of already published posts:

SNEAK PREVIEW: Productive Weekend with the Heroines of Shakespeare Oracle
Over the weekend I edited 40 images for a potential oracle deck - The Heroines of Shakespeare. Each image features an illustration from the 1850 book The Heroines of Shakespeare. The old book illustrations were edited in three apps: PhotoToaster, Superimpose, and Snapseed. I also used the PhotoViva app to create the textured backgrounds.

There weren't enough images to make a tarot deck so this will be a unique oracle deck. I had to use to check the literary reference for each heroine. Some of them I removed from the deck because they have too minor a role in the play. It will take a good deal of research to develop even a LWB for this deck but I love a good challenge. I would love to get feedback from you Shakespeare fans as I work on it.

I'll be ordering a prototype today so we'll see what it looks like in a couple weeks.

Q&A: I want to make an oracle divination deck with vintage photographs... 

I want to make an oracle divination deck with vintage Black/African/African American photographs. From the 1800's to maybe the 40s. I also was looking to have some more varied type of situations as well, family life, looser work and social interactions, etc, which is why I wanted to go up to the 40's and not just the victorian era. I know there are sites with photos for purchase, but what was the protocol for using them with your decks? Are those the sources you used?

Photo stock images are great for contemporary images but I don't see many with vintage images. So, my thought is that for what you want, you'll have to go through collection archives like the Library of Congress. There are a couple of collections that might suit your project and they already have the rights and restrictions listed. (search by culture groups)

STUDY GROUP: Comparative Tarot with The Magician 
The purpose of this comparative tarot exercise is to EXPAND your understanding of the tarot card.

Make a list of the interpretations/meanings you derive from the visual image of each card.

Compare and contrast your lists for each card. How do the images present a unique interpretation of the card? Where do the interpretations overlap?

Consider what new insights you've gained about this card. Use your discernment to determine which interpretations really resonate with you and this card.

Based on this exercise, make a new list of interpretations for this card. Feel free to share your new interpretations in the comments.

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