Monday, June 8, 2015

10 questions, 1 card: King of Hearts (Doctor)

We'll explore using just one card to answer 10 different questions. I'm using cards from my Over the Moon Oracle deck because it's the most versatile.

With both a playing card and oracle side, each card tells a unique story. With the visual oracle, you can simply say what you see using the story method of interpretation. The playing card numbers and suits also offer a wealth of information. Red cards mean yes, while black cards give a no answer. Timing can be seen in number and card suit. The outlook of the seeker is also determined by the card suit. 

This time, we're looking at the King of Hearts | Doctor.
Over the Moon Oracle Cards - hybrid playing card/oracle card

We can get a good deal of information just from the playing card side. For instance, the King of Hearts represents a male, and often someone who is a good friend or devoted partner to the seeker. This card may also represent a person in the role of doctor, minister, or therapist. As a Hearts card, he may be physically described as overweight or chubby with a fair complexion, light hair and light color eyes. The Hearts suit also relates to a happy and optimistic outlook. For timing questions, this card represents the 13th (13th card in the suit) week of summer (Hearts suit). Visually, the oracle side shows a doctor almost knee deep in rain (symbol for disappointment and emotions), making a house call to a sick patient.

Here are 10 random questions a seeker might ask and how I would respond if this card were chosen.

  1. What do I need to know about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde? You should prepare for rain. Expect weather delays, wading through deep emotions and, in the role of healer, responding to many cries for help. 
  2. Will the doctor and I start dating? Yes. 
  3. Why am I here? To help others, and offer counsel and healing.
  4. Will I stay in the city (or move back to my hometown)? Yes, you will stay in the city, but you may go back to your hometown to help someone in need.
  5. What hinders my progress? You may be overwhelmed with emotions or stuck in disappointment. Taking care of everyone else before you take care of your own needs may also hinder progress.
  6. How can I improve my relationship with my ex? Take on the role of doctor and help heal wounds or repair what's broken.
  7. Will I meet anyone new romantically this month? Yes, you may meet someone romantically who is a doctor, minister or therapist. Whatever his/her profession, they are kind and concerned about the welfare of others.
  8. When will I meet my soulmate? The last week of summer. 
  9. What will my finances look like in the next 3 months? You may knee deep in sea of financial worries. Your financial problems may stem from trying to help others but sacrificing your own financial health.
  10. What can we expect on our vacation? Lots of rain. 

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  1. This is awesome! It really shows you all the possibilities that are held within a single card - now get them playing together and WOW!