Monday, May 25, 2015

attitude adjustment reading with The Cinderella Deck

I found this great tarot spread on Street Light Tarot. It's called Attitude Adjustment and it's for when you know you have a bad attitude about something and need to change it. It's particularly for situations where life has thrown you a curve and the events are out of your control.

It seemed perfect for my concerns about my relationship in light of my boyfriend moving 12 hours away for his new job. I'm excited and happy for him but sad at the same time -- mostly because I'm really not good at long-distance relationships. To be honest, I'm not sure I believe there will be a future for us. I guess I could use an attitude adjustment. The Cinderella Deck seemed perfect since it's great for relationship readings.

Card 1: Current attitude toward situation
In this card, one of the stepsisters is about to try on the glass slipper. She knows it can't possibly fit because it's not her shoe. In this position, this card seems to tell me that I'm doubtful about having a long-distance relationship and don't think this new set up is a good fit for our future together.

Card 2: Future challenges regarding situation
In Card 5, a messenger brings an invitation to the ball. My boyfriend and I loved to do many of the same activities. Going out frequently with him kept me from isolating myself like the hermit that I am. I will be challenged to get out and find some new activities and friends to socialize with.

Card 3: Future benefits/blessings regarding situation
Card 29 is the best card in the deck because it shows Cinderella's dreams coming true in the form of marriage to the prince. This is a  possible future benefit for us too....marriage or a stronger commitment in the relationship.

Card 4: Attitude to adopt
Cinderella sits quietly by the fire after a long, hard day of chores. She is content just to be able to rest at the end of the day. At this point in the story, she doesn't know the full potential of what her life could be so she's not wanting or desiring. She's just focused on her day to day tasks and enjoys the little reprieve at day's end. Like Cinderella, I must adopt an attitude of patient waiting and take one day at a time. This is wise but not the approach I would usually take. I'm usually so focused on the future and what I imagine it to be that I mess up what's happening in the present.

Card 5: Advice
Cinderella has spoken up for herself and asked to try on the glass slipper but her stepsisters find this funny and they laugh and point and criticize her. In this card, I'm Cinderella and I'm standing up to my stepsisters (negative self-talk) and my right to make my dreams come true (marry the prince). As advice, this card says that this path might be difficult, but I should not give in to negative self-talk and a self-defeating attitude.

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  1. I'm so glad you liked the spread and find it useful! I feel for you with the long-distance thang, and wish you best of luck. Love these cards, too. : )

  2. Thanks Joy! And thanks for sharing the spread.