Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FREE february love readings + a new study group

Students in my course, Your Future Is In The Cards: Become a Fortune Teller in 7 Days, have been asking me if I offer an advanced course in reading playing cards. The answer is no. After much contemplation, the only thing I would offer in an advanced course is more opportunities to practice giving readings. I also realize that as people begin to purchase my oracle decks, they will desire more reading practice as well.

New Study Group

So, I created a study group here on the blog. It's set up like a discussion group or forum so you can ask questions and get the feedback you want. There are two discussion categories:

Practice Readings ~ this area is for reading practice. You may share your reading for interpretation, interpret someone else's reading, request a (free) reading, and perform a reading for someone based on their request. I will also be sharing INTERPRET THIS! exercises like the photo on a weekly basis for practice as well.

Cartomancy and Divination Questions ~ this area is for all other questions related to my oracle cards as well as any other cartomancy and divination question, like shuffling the cards, timing, spreads, etc.

You can view all of the posts but to post a message you must join the group with a Google account.

Free Love Readings

This month, I will be introducing The Cinderella Deck to you in more detail through blog posts featuring readings with the deck. I have also committed myself (and my 2 beta testers) to offering love + relationship readings during the month of February through the study group. If you're interested in a reading, please go to the Study Group>Practice Readings and look for the post, Offering Love/Relationship Readings with The Cinderella Deck This Month (Feb 2015). Post a reply to my message with your question. And one of us will get back to you with your reading which will be posted publicly in the study group.

Questions to Ask

Although I don't usually like to tell people what questions to ask, the uniqueness of The Cinderella Deck limits its range to forecasting and advice. Some of the best questions to pose look something like this:

What's on my romantic horizon?
What is the status of our relationship?
Where is this relationship headed?
What do I need to do to find my soulmate?
Why am I still single?

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