Wednesday, February 11, 2015

a love match reading with Over the Moon Oracle Cards

A student in my course, Your Future Is In The Cards: Become a Fortune Teller in 7 Days, performed the Love Match Spread and was a bit confused about the reading outcome. 

After a huge fight with my EX boyfriend this morning, I did the love match spread. Everything was crystal clear but based on our argument, I find the outcome card a bit of a stretch. I’m interpreting 10D as moving in together -- is there an alternate non money meaning like feeling blessed? And, would that be blessed that we aren’t together?

1. What’s going on in the relationship? 2 Hearts
2. What’s going on with you? 10 Hearts
3. What’s going with your partner? King of Diamonds
4. How you view your partner? Ace of Hearts
5. How your partner views you? 6 Hearts
6. What you want from your partner? Queen of Clubs
7. What your partner wants from you? Queen of Spades
8. What you want from the relationship? Queen of Diamonds
9. What your partner wants from the relationship? King of Clubs
10. Outcome within 3 months? 10 of Diamonds

Here are my insights and the student's responses (in italics):

Ok, so you call this guy your EX. Was he your ex before the fight or only after the fight? I ask because I see a lot of positive feelings in this reading.

A little background: I can’t really say when we broke up because everything sort of stayed the same. If I had to guess I would say June but I know we slept together as late as October. We are and have always had an officially non-monogamous relationship - yet sort of monogamous by default. I guess you can label us polyamorous at heart. I guess the problems started when he met someone at the beginning of November. Our friendship started changing.

What’s going on in the relationship? 

Partnership | 2 of Hearts
 The first card says it all. This is the card of soulmates and compatibility.

What’s going on with you?

Family | 10 of Hearts

What’s going with your partner?

Owner | King of Diamonds
You are thinking about marriage and he is in a committed, long-term, stable relationship. I hope that's with you. The King of Diamonds can also show someone very focused on money and shoring up their security. They are likely to be serious and may have trouble relaxing and letting loose.

This was a concern I had too since he has started seeing someone else. I assumed since my intent was a love match for us that the cards would be about us. Should I do another reading to determine this? 

How you view your partner

Love | Ace of Hearts

How your partner views you

Forgiveness | 6 of Hearts

You both view each other as Hearts - that's very positive. He sees you as a helpful influence, someone who gives affection and takes care of his needs.

What you want from your partner?
Hostess | Queen of Clubs

What your partner wants from you? 
Widow | Queen of Spades
Both cards are Queens so you're on the same page. You want adventure and fun, someone who is playful and you can go out dancing with.  He DOESN'T WANT someone who is bitter and resentful and who is angry with him and makes him feel guilty. I'm not saying you are, just that he's trying to avoid that at all costs so you need to look at his behavior in terms of how he's trying to avoid certain behaviors from you. [When Spades fall in the "want" position, it usually shows what you don't want.]

BINGO – I knew this he is a typical Libra – loves peace at all cost. I as a Capricorn can be a tad judgmental!

What you want from the relationship
Mother | Queen of Diamonds

What your partner wants from the relationship? 
Leader | King of Clubs
Again, more face cards! You want a security blanket relationship - one that feels safe and secure. He wants an adventurous relationship - probably with a little more spice. This matches up with what you want from him (Queen of Clubs). Know that this King isn't above going out to find someone who spices things up outside the relationship.

Not an issue. Also something I knew. My need for security has not always matched his need for freedom.

Outcome within 3 months? 
Wealth | 10 of Diamonds

I can see the progression of these cards to the 10 of Diamonds scenario. Both of you really want the same thing, more Clubs energy - more activity, sex, adventure, and fun. It might even be a good idea to start an exercise regimen together.

Thank you Kristen! I always appreciate your detailed feedback. I am learning so much. I gain confidence when your interpretations mirror mine. (Yay me!!)

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