Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Q&A: who shuffles?

Hi, I would like to know when you are doing a reading for another person do you shuffle the cards for them or does the questioner shuffle the cards by themselves?

If you and the questioner are together then you can have them shuffle the cards but this is really based on the preference of the reader. Sometimes, the questioner is good at shuffling their intention into the cards and other times they are not -- it depends on how emotionally involved they are with the concern and also how confused they feel about the issue.

Since most of my readings have been done online, I can't have the questioner shuffle so I shuffle for them. This is why having a question is so important. If you shuffle for them, you clear your mind of your thoughts and focus on their question, then shuffle the cards.

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  1. When it's an in-person reading, we both shuffle. I give them a good go to get previous energies out of them and mix some fresh air in, then the querent gives them a shuffle too, for as long as they like. They often seem surprised about this - I know many people frown on letting others touch your cards. But I like to get mine dirty and mix in the messy beautiful energy of the beautiful people who come in and out of my life :) Plus, it engages the querent in the reading that little bit more.

  2. Thanks for visiting and sharing, Beth! That's a great idea. It only makes sense because the reading is a mixture of both of your energies. I don't have a problem with others touching my cards either. I really like your way of looking at it - your cards are now alive with the essence of everyone you come in contact with. LOVE your blog, btw.